Friday, July 24, 2015

Manor House Show

They call it "The Phantom Collector." They say it haunts the corridors of Manor House at night.

While the descriptions have varied over the centuries since the estate was built in 1789, many witness testimonies have remained consistent throughout the years since the end of the American Civil War.

The Phantom Collector is often described as a hooded figure wearing a mask. The mask bears a cracked exterior which makes it appear old or diseased. It is said The Phantom Collector appears as a man carrying a light in one gloved hand and stack of books in the other.

Legend says this spectre is like Manor House -- it collects. In addition to the artifacts collected in the Manor House museum, The Phantom Collector collects tales of the macabre, the weird and fantastic, the dark and mysterious.

Not much else is known about this mysterious figure. Some people believe it's the tormented spirit of John Manor. Some believe it's a demon sent from Hell. Others believe it is nothing more than part of the haunted attraction.

Whatever it is, a deal was made.

Rock Manor, being a voice actor, would produce a show where this entity - claiming to be The Phantom Collector - could share its collection of morbid tales with an audience. In return, The Phantom Collector would no longer haunt the corridors of Manor House. 

And thus, the Manor House show was born.

"One of the best readings of my work that I've ever heard."
- Vincent V. Cava, author of The Eye of Ra

"Manor House, a top notch podcast. Follow them and subscribe!"
- Producers of The Black Tapes Podcast

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