Friday, July 24, 2015

Night of the Evil Dead

1986. Halloween. 

Eight friends. A desolate place. 
On course to raise a little hell. 
The party starts when the sun dies.
Long Description
What is this nonsense?

Starring: Rhona Marie Changas, Kelli Kaiser, David Pete, Raul Evangelista, Dustin Chang, Bernice Watson, and Michael Prosper

Written and directed by: Bernice Watson & Michael Prosper

“Bernice and I have implorable hearts when it comes to horror. We adore it. We also share a love for practical effects and special effects makeup. One day after work, while strung out on caffeine, we threw around the idea to collaborate on something. That idea grew quick and immensely until it solidified itself as a passion film. An homage to 80's horror films. Films such as The Evil Dead, Night of the Demons, Demons, Night of the Creeps, Nightbreed, and the list grows dark and beautiful.”

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