Saturday, July 18, 2015

1-Minute Horror Web Series: Night Crawler

Everyone has a packed schedule these days and it sure can difficult to get the balance right between work and play. SuperfreakMedia’s award winning horror series is set to change that allowing you to inject a slice of terror into your everyday with a series of 1 minute horror tales uploaded online each month.

Starting last October the series is almost a year strong tackling the occult, cannibals and creatures of the night, to name a few. With each monthly tale taking a seasonal and diverse approach to the horror genre each #1minutenightmare promises to be different from the last. Each new episode premieres online on the 1st of each month at 7PM (GMT). The series is gaining awards and popularity both locally and internationally proving to be a treat for horror fans old and new.

The latest episode entitled NIGHT CRAWLER foregrounds practical effects in a classic tale of deception, appearances can be deceiving and like our unsuspecting victim, we find that out all too late. The #1minutenightmare series is heading into its final wave of terror and the coming months promise to culminate in a chilling finale.

Series creator Liam Banks has been a fan of the horror genre from an early age. “I have always loved being scared, there is nothing like it. Horror stories are unique in the fact that if they’re good they will stay with us for quite some time after we hear or watch them. Setting ourselves the challenge of telling a story in just a minute we responded to the A.D.D nature of our society. People’s attention is captivated more and more by viral videos these days so it was our hope to utilize this and tell a story which will scare and stay with the viewer. The response has been fantastic so far, and the continued support and new viewers we are gaining are keeping us motivated to keep on scaring!”

Starring Prometheus and Pan star Phill Martin and indie scream queens Jessica Messenger, Charlie Clarke and Katie McMillan, the series has untied a host of local and known talent to create each terrifying tale. Each spine-chilling episode is available to view online and on the go. To check out the latest episode and to stay up to date with SuperfreakMedia’s latest ventures head over to their official Facebook page or visit their site for more horrifying updates. 

NIGHT CRAWLER - #1minutenightmare episode X



  2. October 26th 2015 the new Web Series Tennessee Terror premiers.
    Please like the Facebook Page to get the updates for each episode.


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