Friday, July 24, 2015

"George A. Romero's Martin" Soundtrack is Shipping Now!

Creatures Of The Night Rejoice As They Rush To Purchase Donald Rubinstein's Score!  

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. happily announced today that the score from George A. Romero's MARTIN, once named "one of the top 100 coolest soundtracks of all time" by MOJO Magazine, is out to buy on vinyl for the first time since 1978!

"I just received my copies of the new Martin LP. Wow. It was like going back in time, reminding me immediately of the original Varese Sarabande lp release in 1979. A record. Hot dog! And it is just the right amount of looking back and moving forward. I love the whole thing. Thanks to Aaron Hamel and Justin Martell at Ship to Shore PhonoCo. on a job very well done."
- Donald Rubinstein

"[Ship to Shore] breathes new life into Rubinstein/Romero's obscure, yet loved, classic."
- Modern Vinyl

"Absolutely fantastic... you can't find fault in any way with this release!"
- Tony Giles, The Damn Fine Podcast

"[The] liner notes by Rubinstein are a delight, and perhaps the best we've thus read."
- Nick Spacek, Starburst Magazine

"A beautiful mix of classical inspired pieces mixed with jazz and haunting vocals, the soundtrack for Martin is a gorgeous example of film scoring. Now, thanks to the fine folks over at Ship to Shore PhonoCo, A Light In the Attic, and One Way Static we can experience the score in one of the best ways possible."
 - Jonathan Correia,

"...a haunting, melancholy score punctuated with sudden, passionate riffs.  It is the perfect accompaniment to this tale of lost souls in a barren, nearly post-apocalyptic environment."

- Roy Frumkes, producer of Street Trash and director of Document of the Dead.

The LP has been available to pre-order from Ship To Shore PhonoCo., Light In The Attic and One Way Static for a number of months, but copies are now shipping! 

Track listing is as follows:

                                      A1.     The Calling / Main Title

                                      A2.     Train Attack

                                      A3.     Phased

                                      A4.     Tat Cuda's House

                                      A5.     Martin At The Butcher Shop

                                      A6.     Antique Chase With Villagers

                                      A7.     Garlic Chase #6

                                      A8.     Martin Goes To The City

                                      A9.     Christina Leaves

                                      A10.   Halloween

                                      A11.   Modern Vamp

                                      B1.     Chant

                                      B2.     The Calling (Reprise)

                                      B3.     Braddock / Chase

                                      B4.     Back To Me

                                      B5.     Crawling Sequence

                                      B6.     Martin Martin Martin

                                      B7.     Marie - Interlude

                                      B8.     Evocation

                                      B9.     Fly By Night

                                      B10.   Exorcism / Classical Funk

                                      B11.   Stake, Well Done!

Featuring brand new original artwork from Brandon Schaefer, and exclusive liner notes from composer Donald Rubinstein and star John Amplas, this release will be limited to 2,000 copies on vinyl:  500 on Marble "Blood" Red (available in North America from Light In The Attic and in the UK from One Way Static), 500 on "Transylvanian Flashback" Black & White Swirl (available only through the official Ship To Shore PhonoCo webstore: and 1,000 on 180 gram black vinyl.  Due to its limited run, it's selling out fast!

The LP soundtrack to George A. Romero's MARTIN has been a highly sought-after collector's piece for many years, and now - thanks to Ship to Shore PhonoCo - it is finally available again.  It's not only a must-have for fans of Romero, but also connoisseurs of film scores in general. 

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