Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rune Morgan Horror

About the blog:
Feel free to navigate around the site. You will find plenty of free fiction soon enough: short stories, flash fiction, serialized novellas and novels, and complete novellas and novels. Now, you may also find some “not free stuff”. This may include an old timie radio drama thing I am working on and there is the upcoming “Rune Morgan Shamelessly asks his readers to wear t-shirts with his name and web address” shop. We hope you enjoy these things as well.
Also, this blog will be updated with news on new fiction, special features, and more. You may want to subscribe or risk missing out on something horrible.

You will find posts like:

And pages like…

Where you can find stories like 'Little Red Bull,' and 'The Reading' and...

Dark things lurk within the imagination of author Rune Morgan. Unseen horrors stalk lonely walkers along back country roads. Obsessed morticians seek the perfect canvas to prefect their “art”. A remote viewer travels beyond reality and discovers the ancient evil waiting to return. This is Biblia Noctis, the Bible of the Night. It is the umbrella title for all of Rune Morgan’s short horror stories offered for free via this website. And they are all free, every last one of them.

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