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MoonWraith" is a webcomic written and produced by bestselling, award-winning, critically-acclaimed paranormal/fantasy authors Scott Harper and Desirée Lee.

"MoonWraith" is set in Medieval Europe. It is a character-driven story, set against the backdrop of a war between humans and werewolves. The main character is Kizzy Faw, a young woman with the power of the Sight. The king has sent Kizzy to help locate an object called the MoonWraith - the talisman used centuries prior to create the race of werewolves. However, on her way in, Kizzy and her guards were attacked by a group of the werewolves - in their human form at the time - and Kizzy received a head injury during the assault. It hasn't come out in the story yet - though it will before too long - that her head injury has robbed Kizzy of the Sight. For the moment at least, Kizzy lacks the very power that is the sole reason for her being on the front lines of the war against the werewolves.

In the 72 weeks that "MoonWraith" has been running, it had seen over 42,000 hits. This past summer, it was optioned as a movie.

"MoonWraith" had originally been designed as a television series, but was revamped as the webcomic. Issue #4 is currently running on the site. A new page goes live each Monday - "MoonWraith" Mondays. Thus far, the events of the webcomic have progressed about 3/4 of the way through the current draft of the TV series pilot script. Events for the rest of Season 1 and the broad strokes of a Season 2 - had "MoonWraith" sold as a TV series - are plotted out. The plan is for the webcomic to follow this chain if events.

The previous 2 pics are the first pages of the recently released issue #4. Below are pics of the covers of the first 3 issues.

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