Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hillbilly Horror Show star Rachel Faulkner

The star and host of the new CREEPSHOW-esque indie horror series!

Internationally-renowned model RACHEL FAULKNER plays Lulu on the upcoming new horror series HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW.

The stunning full-time runway model, who has appeared in music videos by such artists as Ricky Martin and Nicky Minaj, is tipped to be the breakout star of HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW, which launches March 1 online.

HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW showcases horror shorts each week; it's a fun, 1 hour comedy show hosted by Bo, Cephus and their hot kissing cousin, Lulu (Faulkner).  

Rachel can also be seen in international magazines such as pRIZE, Tathaastu, Sessions, Virginia Bride and has featured photos on Vogue Italia (Photo Vogue).


  1. Talking of horror fiction, Carrie was a great character the way she dressed, her crazy mother all the mean girls at her high school who mocked her, everyone was good.


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