Monday, February 24, 2014

Aggi her dark secrets...

"Aggi, is a fabulous book that I could not put down."

"I could not put this book down. Wonderfully dark and provocative. I can see this being a hand-over-your-eyes horror movie!"

"I highly recommend this book."

"Wow! Great story. Well written. Fast read. Well worth the time and money. The writing is very expressive and descriptive, and immediately pulls you into Aggi's story. Kudos to Linda Scarlett and her creativity. I heard her voice. Thank you for such a great piece of work."

Apparently people haven’t been able to put this book down, but what’s it about…

Aggi is a story about a teenage girl who carries a severed finger in her pocket.

She was raised in a dark and twisted world. It is all she knows.

In her fight for sanity, she transforms herself into an empowered person. 

All you need is unconditional love, and Aggi finds it.

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