Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trashlight is now available!


What if the same thing that happened to Bella happened to you? Only instead of being Bella, you were a trashy, foul-mouthed, weed-smoking, metal-loving Goth chick living with your doped-up mom and pervert stepdad in Redneck Central? And what if almost everything you thought you knew about vampires turned out to be totalBS?  Wouldn’t you write your own book about it?

Such were the questions faced by 17-year-old tough girl Connor Ellis.  The result is “Trashlight,” the new release from Damnation Books that shifts vampire romance to the wrong side of the tracks with hilarious, hot and gratuitously gory results.

When teenage vampire hunk Devon Knight sweeps into Connor’s “suck-ass” little world of Walmarts, rednecks and doublewides, the sexual chemistry between them is immediate and explosive. While their time together is marked mostly by hanging out, hard rock and hot sex, Connor is plagued by nightmares and a growing sense of foreboding. Soon she comes to realize that the sudden appearance of her undead boyfriend may be linked to the bizarre religious convictions of her despised, predatory stepfather – affectionately known as “The Perv."

“Trashlight” is a fast, fun read that puts a hard-edged, satirical spin on the tween-friendly vampire sagas that have dominated this popular genre in recent years. Told in the raw, uncensored voice of a tough teen with a…er, biting sense of humor, it’s a steamy, blood-soaked, R-rated adventure packed with action, surprises and larger-than-life characters straight out of Comic Con.

Author Ray S. Kent is an award-winning fiction writer and journalist specializing in horror and the supernatural.
“Trashlight” is available at Damnation and Barnes and

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