Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ghost, Babes & Horror

On Friday, April the 13th, 2012 a horror host & his assistants bring their internet show into the woods. A haunted forest in the heart of a big city. Legend has it only one will escape to tell the tale.

They were not prepared for what lies ahead.

Starring Ghost The Keeper Of Night, Paula Nevin & Erica Furness

Music Written By Bill Rozar & Performed By Witches In Bikinis

This is what happens when a horror host makes a short film with no money.

No money, no problem. All you need to have is a love for horror, and Ghost, Paula, and Erica prove that in this terrific short horror comedy. The film also proves that you don’t always have to have a serial killer, ghost, or strange creature lurking in the forest. Sometimes the forest is somehow deadly enough. It’s full of “horror puns” that will have you shaking your head thinking, “Did they really just say that?” You will surely find a horror pun to your liking, so please enjoy the film…

About Ghost:

Ghost hosted a little show on covering all areas of horror. The show was also featured on Elvira's official website after interviewing her at a public appearance (a wet nightmare come true). You can watch most of the episodes on Ghost & Xtopher's youtube channel.

He's the winner of the reality show Halloween Superstar, a horror host, and a big fan of anything and everything that goes bump in the night (including his bed)!

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