Monday, July 22, 2013

The Temperature Trilogy

“Santo provides excellent descriptions of magic. He also brings sexy humor to a genre that sometimes takes itself too seriously; after Bo traps her in golden handcuffs, Sally pulls him in for "a deep kiss with longing written across her lips." The author delivers compelling atmosphere; during the opening scene, flickering lights are described in a way reminiscent of the 1979 film Alien.”

“I've read a lot of vampire books and a lot of zombie stories too. This one seems to have both all rolled up neatly into one and I couldn't be happier.”

“The fighting scenes. The visions of horrific death, makes the reader's heart race.”

“This is a keeper and should be stored in your library.”

“You get such a vivid picture in your mind as soon as you begin to read. I love the twists and surprises!”

So what is this book with twists and surprises about…

An ancient, evil organization hunts two undead companions in Santo's dark fantasy debut.

While driving friends through a mountainous state park in Colorado, 26-year-old Sally Mertill loses control of her car. The crash is fatal to all, including Sally, but her body is thrown free of the burning wreck, and her autopsy at the understaffed Colorado Springs morgue is delayed. Centuries-old Bocnic "Bo" Drewings, who belongs to a clan of powerful undead sorcerers, finds her there and explains that a Wakening ritual, performed by mysterious Powers-That-Be, has returned her to life. For the time being, her body thinks it's alive and still craves food and sex, although Bo assures her that those urges will stop. Later, after Sally jumps from Bo's car, he teaches her healing magic. Soon Bo discovers that The Cross-religious militants bent on exterminating supernatural beings-are hunting Sally, and he brings her to a reservation of undead people, where a shaman uncovers an important secret about her.

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Then get ready to read book 2…

Newly minted zombie, Sally Mertill, is kidnapped by a nondescript van in front of her fellow zombie and mentor – Bocnic Drewings or “Bo” as his friends call him. He can only guess why someone would take Sally: she can raise the dead. Bo is forced to seek out assistance from a self-serving witch named Zemra if he is going to save Sally. What he learns scares him. Sally’s surreal trek through a world of unimaginable creatures has brought her face to face against a menacing entity to outdo them all – the church’s secret division, The Cross. Bo must travel to Scotland, his birthplace. What bitter end awaits them once he frees Sally from their clutches?

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