Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Open House

Inspired by true events, Open House takes you on a trip through the torturous mind of a serial killer targeting female Real estate agents.

When Wardell Subotsky was 8 years old, His mother made ends meet by working as a Real Estate Agent. After witnessing her countless sexual favors to get the properties sold, he grows up believing all agents are whores. Now in his late 40's, Wardell, (Russ Forga) puts his own home on the market but is thrown into a mental tailspin as the selling agent, (Mel Heflin) is a spitting image of his mother. Convinced she too is a whore, Wardell abducts her in an attempt to show her the error of her ways.

Starring: Jessica Cameron, Savana Jade Wehunt, Mel Heflin, Russ Forga, Jennifer Ward, and Jimmy Dempster

Directed by: Brian Troxell

Written by: Michael Clinkenbeard

Produced by: Johnna Troxell, Ylian Snyder, and Brian Shirley

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