Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Long Shivering

"LONG SHIVERING is a horror/thriller feature film set in 1991 about a geeky aspiring actress, HULDA NADEL, who after the tragic death of her brother returns to her small home town to adopt her niece only to be trapped on an abandoned family farm filled with horrors and things she'd rather forget."

Jeff Strong as ARCADE MIKE (Bullet on a Wire)
Hans Hernke as JOSEPH HAMLOCK (The Perfect House)
Zoran Jacimovic as GAMEL KANE (Bloodlines)
Chelsea Edmundson as JULIA EMBROSE (Camera Phone)
Eric Collin Campbell as TOM STARK (Dragon Age: Redemption)
Neil Witherell as MORGAN PERDI (Nip in the Bud)

Directed and written by: Diane Baldwin

Time is running out for chance to help make this movie happen. Please click the pic, and support this project today!

The rewards? Take a look at just a few of them…

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