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Flashback Friday: Wherewolves

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Using a fun, explosive style, full of new slang and fresh dialogue, WHEREWOLVES is the story of a group of high school seniors, all “military brats”, who are headed for an army-type survival weekend.

The underdogs, Jeffrey and Doris, do not want to go as they fear for their safety among the disdain and cruelty of the popular students. Sergeant Tim O’Sullivan, their teacher, as well as their dysfunctional parents pressure them into going, but it is an unforgivable act by their peers that propels the pair to go. Likewise, Eli, a student resented because of his Arab roots, is even more determined to prove himself this weekend. Yet he and his girlfriend are beaten and locked in a trunk before they can make it to the school bus. In the background, a news report cautions of a wanted couple with alleged super-human strength supposedly brought on by a new drug on the streets.

In the woods, the students hike, hunt, camp, and soon act in unity as the forest brings them closer together. But does it? O’Sullivan leaves them alone for the night. The students bond, chant, tell campfire tales, and quickly lose their fears and inhibitions. WHOO-AH! Though sexual tensions are high, it soon turns to violence and everything quickly turns sour.

The kids start disappearing one after the other amid the sounds of horrifying growls. Most begin to unwittingly “act like the natives” carving spears, ready to face whatever is out there. What has gotten into them?

Despite the immensity of the forest, the characters soon feel claustrophobic, terrified, and powerless as they are no match for the harrowing dark figures on the prowl. Amid the blood-curdling growls and the gruesome deaths, the story’s underlying layers are revealed. We see how misconceptions, prejudice, greed, fear, and hatred bring out the worst and best in us.

What is out there? Can it really be werewolves?

As mentioned in the video, this novel is based on a screenplay. The novel is coming out soon but you can get a head start, and read part of chapter one below…

Dilly runs. The deafening beat of her panting isn’t enough to drown out the monstrous growls and trampling that rumble behind her. Though she can’t see well enough to dodge the naked branches slicing into her, the full moon’s rays help her find the path. This way, she tells herself and takes a left. Now right! Her body veers. She slams her beaten shoulder against the thick trunk of a sugar maple. Ah, fuck! The pain electrifies her cells. Like sticking a finger in a thousand volt socket. She falls to one knee. Don’t you fucking stop now, bitch! Move! Move! Move! She forces herself up and impels her feet to barrel forward.

There it is! The fallen stump that looks more like a giant claw! She makes a mad dash for it, hurtles over the trunk, lands on all fours, and snaps her head back. “Yes!” She gasps, eyes on the nest-like bundle cradled between the two lower branches of the tall yellow birch before her.

She can hear whatever is out there tearing through the brush.

She leans against the tree’s peeling, gray bark, and kicks at the dead leaves on the ground. Come on! she screams in her head. And at last feels the line dig into her ankle. She yanks it back hard. Click.

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