Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Titles from author Lee Brait

The war on terror has escalated to a nihilistic brawl for oil. Brutal and incessant gang violence now rules the headlines. Is it a forecast for the end of justice and consequence? 

For Linc Freemore, another drudge at the office, another broken promise looms. He stumbles on a savage crime, half-done. Unarmed. Deserted. In a tranquil wood, the kind of place he longs for time with his family. Today filled with violence and despair. Should he bolt for safety? Or viciously defend, his own brand of justice? 

Linc discovers how deep he's willing to dig for a stranger. How far he's willing to blur the lines.

A sick child. A deadly virus. Save the boy or stop the outbreak?

With the human population decimated by zombies, justice and the law are nowhere to be seen. Wealthy corporations and bike gangs reign supreme. This high-energy action-adventure set in Lake Tahoe features unscrupulous companies, evil bikers, walking dead and a doomed boy.

Linc Freemore is an ordinary guy trying to survive one day to the next in an unforgiving world. He's been screwed over by the company and he's lost everything that matters to him. All he wants is to leave his tortured past behind.

A series of random events leads him to an old picnic area, a brutal death and a young boy who can't survive without every scrap of Linc's fortitude, ingenuity and ability to administer swift justice.

Linc must decide whether to save the boy or prevent a recurrance of an outbreak that could wipe out what remains of the population.

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