Tuesday, April 8, 2014

'The Black Diaries' and more from author Anthony Crowley

'The Black Diaries' (Volume One) is part of a new series 'The Black Diaries. The collection will feature a variation of dark poetic verses and short stories with the elements of Horror and the supernatural. 

'The Black Diaries' (Volume One) is in the top 10 of Horror Anthologies & and Top 20 in Genre fiction anthologies in the Amazon.com charts. It’s also in the Top 10 & 20 of genre fiction anthologies at Amazon UK, and AT number 6 in the genre fiction anthologies at Amazon Germany. 

'The Black Diaries' ( Volume One) includes  - 

Two new short stories  'The Conjuring Road & 'Sleeping Village'

and Two new dark verse literature writings -


Ghost & the Raven

.. and includes extra features. It is available on both paperback and kindle worldwide at…

Author Anthony Crowley is the new Host for Crowley's Crypt' featured from Haunted After Dark issue 6 which is out now and free to download and currently more than 20,000 readers and growing... it also includes a non fiction writing he had featured titled 'Hands of Doom' - a short perspective on Divine Intervention. 

Also one of his other works 'Shadow of the Wolf' is to be featured in Volume Two, Issue Eight of HelloHorror Magazine, which is available this April 2014. It is a visual dark poetic writing with the main theme focusing on the character of a Werewolf.

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