Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Invasion of the Killer Cicadas

From the creators of “Young Blood: Evil Intentions” comes an epic Sci-Fi adventure you don’t want to miss! When a small humble town is plagued by killer cicadas, for them it seems hopeless. After two dimwitted service men spray the cicadas with chemicals mistaken for pesticide, these little buggers mutate to an uncontrollable size! Soon the planet is in peril as these colossal cicadas effortlessly demolish buildings and crush poor citizens! It seems there is only one man who can stop them before it’s too late. Will he be able to save the day? Or will the world fall victim to the “Invasion of the Killer Cicadas”?

Written and directed Mat Smith and Myron Smith.

From the Mat, and Myron…

“After creating a horror film, we decided to do something a little more playful with Invasion of the Killer Cicadas. Creating Young Blood: Evil Intentions was an enjoyable experience, but making a dark psychological thriller can be a little restraining at times. With a science fiction comedy, this time there will be no limits.”

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