Monday, April 7, 2014

Seed of Evil: An Ancient Evil Rises

"This is a must read, but hold on!"

"I can recommend this short novel to fans of fast-paced military science fiction. It will also be of interest to readers who are interested in horror stories, because it's an entertaining combination of science fiction, horror and action."

"There is non stop action from the first page til the last."

"Be prepared to go on the ride of your life all while dodging the flames of the not so distant future.

This brilliant author and excellent book will have you wondering what is lurking around ALL the corners you come across in life."

"After reading Seed of Evil, I was able to walk away satisfied with the size and overall scope of the story I had been told. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of the saga"

Before we get to the next installment what's this book about...


From a distant galaxy far beyond our time, the most ancient of all EVIL awoke before descending upon our unsuspecting galaxy. The planet it reached never faced such a threat, but didn’t submit to it, either. In a final attempt to survive, a prison between dimensions was built, the last hope to hold the DARK POWER for an eternity. The planet withered and died, and its people found a new refuge among the stars. That planet is now known as: Mars. 

But even eternity doesn’t last forever. Ignorance and an infantile arrogance of a nation leads to its release. And once again, it only leaves death in its wake. 

Read the fast-paced Sci-Fi/Horror, where the elements of OCCULT meet with an advanced MILITARY thriller, wrapped in a colossal battle between good and evil. 

The first part of a new, long-awaited Saga, from the internationally renowned author of “The Darkness Within” will give you a gulp of a SMASH HIT and will leave you wanting more…

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  1. This is an awesome book. Robert Friedrich is a very descript, vivid writer. He is amazing at pulling the reader into his world ! I highly recommend this read !


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