Friday, April 4, 2014

Acid Head: The Buzzard Nuts of County Slaughter

Canadian Scream Queen Vivita, stars as 'Acid Head' (& this film introduces Playboy model and 'Lingerie' TV series actress: Lana Tailor, as 'Lana Mercer'). A mentally & physically scarred teenager : Pheromone Labonza (aka Acid Head) is a vengeful, bloodsucking cannibal goth-girl killer that slashes her way though rural Buzzard Nuts County, N.Y.'s roadside and Vom College sorority Dracula,use (which also serves as an underground whorehouse, built on the grave-site of a top-hatted poltergeist...a nefarious, evil force), then disappears. One year later, guess who's back to the scene of the crime?

Starring: Vivita , Tony 'Tex' Watt, Lewis Mercer, Lana Tailor, Kim Sønderholm, Rooster, Adam Schickedanz, and Kount Kracula

Directed by: Tony 'Tex' Watt

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