Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bloody New Horror Short ‘Massacre’ Announces Crowdfunding Campaign

Imagine waking up buried in a pile of bodies, completely drenched in blood, not knowing if the blood is yours, if the blood is theirs, and more importantly, not knowing how you came to end up buried in bloody body parts! That exactly, is the premise of MASSACRE, a brief and bloody horror film, currently in development though Minonina Films in Los Angeles, CA.

This independent horror film is directed by Joe Hendrick (Ditch Day Massacre, Skitta Merink) and produced by Michel Rangel (Smiley, Instructions Not Included). MASSACRE centers around oneMarianne James, played by New Zealand-born actress, writer and Suicide Girl, Pandie Suicide (Ditch Day Massacre, David Lynch’s “Crazy Clown Time”) and its main themes include mayhem and mass murder, along with blood, blood and more blood. But there is of course, that all important twist to the story.

“I have always found that horror films have a tendency to appeal to more of a male driven audience and I think that horror films that are written by a female writer have a tendency to reach out a little bit more to a female audience. Whether they do this intentionally or unintentionally it seems to kind of happen and I think that this film does a great job of doing that. You have a very strong female lead, and it’s very powerful and very refreshing and very new.For any horror fans out there, they are going to see something that they have never seen before.” - Director Joe Hendrick

The film has just launched its IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign to help bring this blood-soaked story to the screen with actress Pandie Suicide also pledging via her Facebook Page to personally donate $10 herself for every $100 the Campaign receives. Some of the perks offered for the campaign include 8 x 10 prints of Pandie Suicide covered in blood, photographed by horror photographer Cris Jan Lim, Executive producer Credits, and even a small role in the film!

MASSACRE is a brand new and deliciously bloody, independent short slasher film, to find out more information, or to find out ways you can help Team Massacre, please check out the IndieGoGoCampaign at:

Twitter: @MassacreMovie

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