Saturday, February 28, 2015

The House of Screaming Death

Four Tales of The Macabre!

Enter the House of The Screaming Death in this feature length anthology gothic horror film... tales of terror to chill you to the bone...

One scary night.... One mystery Collector of tales.... Do you dare enter this realm?

Story 1 - What is the mystery of The Lady in Grey? 

Story 2 - A tale of witchcraft and the dark chilling beyond

Story 3 - 1888: The year of the Vampyre

Story 4 - Evil is found in the most innocent of places ... a child's toy

Directed by: Troy Dennison, Rebecca Harris-Smith, David Hastings, Alex Bourne & Kaush Patel

Written by: Troy Dennison (story 1), Mark Lees (story 2), David Hastings (story 3), Alex Bourne (story 4)

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