Sunday, December 28, 2014

OSTSG: Happy Thoughts

After a rocky year, the Darling family moves cross-country for a fresh start.  Little do they know their new home is already occupied by the ghosts of a charming yet homicidal teenage boy named Peter and his previous victims. Peter's quick obsession with the oldest daughter Wendy puts the family at grave risk. This brings a band of ghost hunters to the Darling's door, lead by a vengeful leader sought on ridding the ghost that destroyed her life. Time is ticking and it's anyone's game.

Starring: Noah Dunton, Rayna Loos, Joe Lenihan, Hank Morris, Abigail Friend, and Jerry Scaglione

Directed by: Theresa Labreglio

Written by: Theresa Labreglio, and Melissa Malone

Or So the Story Goes uses a rotating repertoire of actors, telling a different story each season to bring a thrilling, unique perspective on classic children's tales to the web. Geared toward teens, the series is perfect as a gateway for young adults (and adults alike) to dip their toes into the murky waters of horror.

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  1. Cool concept- I'll bite!

  2. this is super creative. i love peter pan. when and where can we see it?

    1. Click on the link where it says for more information. I'm not sure if they are still doing it!

  3. It is still happening for sure. :) Release planned for late March! Thanks for all the interest!


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