Thursday, October 30, 2014

Second Journey Into the Unknown

Mark Cusco Ailes and Derek Ailes are back with a new anthology of horror madness. 21 brand new chilling tales to take you over the edge. The Ailes Brothers of Terror bring you killer dolls, a real zombie outbreak during a zombie convention, a catnado, an alien invasion, misfortune cookies, demons, mega sinkholes, drones, executioners and more. The nightmare doesn't stop when the Ailes Brothers take you on a thrill ride of terror.

The Doll Trilogy: Move Over Annabelle - a more evil doll is on a killing spree.
Furnado: What happens when a tornado consisting of hungry, angry cats attacks? Will anyone survive?
Class of 1994: What if you were at your twenty year high school reunion when an alien invasion takes place? Is your old school the safest place to hide from a group of aliens sent to Earth to eradicate the whole human race?

DAY OF THE REDHEADS: You are in love with the most beautiful redhead in the world, but she won't give you the time of the day. You end up selling your soul for her affection. Wait, you sold your soul to have every redheaded women in the world fall in love with you. You are now being stalked by every redhead woman you encounter with deadly results.

LAKE SHORE DIVE: Being stuck on Lake Shore Drive during a traffic jam can be frustrating. What happens when you are stuck there when a mega-sinkhole opens up? Can you outrun its devastation as the road disappears underneath your feet and all the buildings are collapsing? Chicago meets doomsday.

ZOMBIE CON: What happens when there is a zombie outbreak at a zombie convention? Who is a real zombie or somebody in a costume? Will the cast of the hit television show, The Walkers, survive?

CLAWS: A mutated cat terrorizes a beach in Northwest Indiana. The lifeguards, along with the help from the National Guard, must battle the overgrown feline in a horror parody of Jaws and Godzilla.

DELICATE CUISINE: Chef Graham Covetts is sick of taking abuse from the head chef. He joins a cooking competition at Pleasantville to become their head chef. Will he survive a competition that turns deadly? It's Hell's Kitchen meets Masterchef

MISFORTUNE COOKIES: If you pay to receive a special fortune from a fortune cookie and are not happy with what it tells you, how far would you go to change your fate?
Dare To Dream: You can't sleep because of your nightmares. You seek help from a facility that has the ability to pull your nightmare out of your dreams and into reality. Is the world ready for your worst nightmare?
These are just some of the short stories in this latest horror collection. If you are a fan of The Twilight Zone and Tales From the Crypt, then Second Journey Into the Unknown is the perfect horror thrill ride for you.

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