Monday, June 30, 2014


"This is the best zombie book I have ever read,"

"Great story . Hard to stop reading, and leaves you wanting more. Characters that you can relate to"

"loved the pace of the book and the thought he put into the story"

"Over all loved the story and want more now"

"well written and entertaining"

So what's this entertaining story about...

Within hours of succumbing to a plague, millions of dead rise to attack the living. 

Brian Williams flees the city with his sister Sarah, literally just ahead of the undead horde. Their post-apocalyptic journey begins with refuge in the mountains, then takes them across a destroyed nation. Although banded with other survivors, the group remains desperately outnumbered and under-armed. With no food and little fuel, they must fight their way to safety. 

RISE is the story of the extreme measures a family will take to survive a trek across a country gone mad.

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And then continue the journey with...

A year and a half has passed since the dead rose, and the citizens of Cold Lake are running out of hope. Food and weapons are nearly impossible to find, and the dead are everywhere.
In desperation Cold Lake sends Brian Williams to lead a salvage team into the Rocky Mountains. But outside the small safe zones the world is a foreign place filled with new hardships. Williams and his team must use all of their skills to survive in the wilderness ruled by the dead.
What the team finds in the zombie-haunted mountains will lead them on a desperate adventure through the ice and snow of winter, in search of a possible cure to the mysterious undead contagion.

"RISE left this reader wanting a sequel and that is almost always a good thing."--28 Days Later Analysis

"[RISE] kept me reading from start to finish and I was definitely entertained."--Patrick D'Orazio, author of THE DARK TRILOGY

The third book in the chilling crime thriller RISE series. Nine years after a worldwide zombie apocalypse, the Mission Safe Zone is struggling to deal with the presence of a serial killer within the population.  Salvage teams have also noticed that the undead outside the walls are changing, becoming more dangerous.

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