Monday, June 30, 2014

Penny Dreadful Episode 8 Contest

It’s been a great first season! Too bad it was only 8 episodes, but maybe we will get more in season 2! Anyways, it’s time to enter to win a Penny Dreadful poster!!!!

To win, you must correctly answer these questions about episode 8:

-Who rejected Dorian Gray?

-What happened to Mina when they found her?

-What secret do we find out about Ethan at the end of the episode?

-As a bonus, please share your thoughts about season 1.

Email your answer to with the subject line "Penny Dreadful Episode 8 Contest." A winner will be selected at random on Sunday, July 6 from those who have answered correctly. Please note that posters will only be mailed to US postal addresses. Also, "Showtime provided the prizes, but is not a sponsor of this program and isn't involved in picking winners."

And don't forget to get your Penny Dreadful merchandise. Use special promo code HORRORFAN20 and it will offer horror fans 20% off all Penny Dreadful merchandise if fans use that code. Click here to visit the Penny store. The code is valid through 12/31/14!

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