Sunday, June 30, 2013

What Would You Like To Promote?

Making a movie, or have a press release? Have a new book coming out, or starting an IndieGoGo campaign? Finishing some new artwork, or a photo shoot? Recording a new podcast, or posting some new reviews? Having a big sale, or making an appearance? Here is your chance to Promote Horror! Leave a comment and/or link here with whatever it is you would like to promote! 

Already been promoted? That’s fine. If you have new info, trailers, pictures, books, campaigns, etc., let me know. Another promotion can easily be done!

Looking for another place to Promote Horror? Stop by the Facebook page, and share your promotions there!

If you would like to further discuss a promotion, please feel free to contact me at: 
Twitter: @PromoteHorror


  1. My name is Chris Chandler and I'm the writer of The Sceptic Truth, which is an ongoing comic book series that follows Scott Heiland and Preston Knutford, a pair of paranormal investigators as they uncover far more than they ever expected.

    In the coming weeks, C2 Comics ( is aiming to begin a Kickstarter campaign to fund issue #01.

    Artist and colourist announcements are expected soon! You can keep up-to-date through the website or at

    1. Thanks for introducing the comic to us! I will certainly take a look into promoting it! I hope everyone takes a look as well!


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