Friday, June 28, 2013

The Darkness Within

“absolutely breath taking and amazing. I love it.”

“I strongly recommend to read this book for everyone.”

“If you enjoy Horror/Sci-fi fiction. This is your kind of book.”

“I recommend this, deeply, buy it now and read it.”

“This book is amazing, enjoyed it from start to end. A different and new vision, story is a horror fiction and still you can relate to it. Simply put, get it, read it and enjoy it”

So what’s this highly recommended book about…

A Captain who suffered a terrible accident causing him amnesia, and his crew of the salvage ship "LIGHTARK" stumble upon a mysteries reading far in space. As they investigate they uncover a terrible secret that shall ultimately decide their fate. Will the Captain and his crew be able to survive, or will they be consumed by the Darkness that lurks at the edge of space.

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