Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Download Horror

When it comes to movies Dougie and Robbo know what they like. And there is nothing they like more than a night in watching one of Big Al’s latest downloads - especially if it’s a horror film featuring five babes alone in a big house.

Big Al is the neighbourhood bootlegger and they depend on him for a constant diet of blood, gore and nudity and whatever else he thinks will satisfy their craving. They always expect surprises.

Will his latest offering, the horror film Sacrificed, live up to their expectations?

Stars: Sandra Darnell, Trine Thielen, Céline Cateland, Nina Kwok, Sarah Delaney and Stephen Boyd
Directed by: Jim Hickey
Produced: Keith Bradley & Robin Mitchell

From Director Jim Hickey:

The film SACRIFICED was made a few years ago by Keith Bradley and it was a film that fell short of Keith's ambitions and we knew that realistically it had little prospect of a release. It was, however, a film that delivered on a number of levels and we therefore decided to experiment with the addition of the dialogue from these new off-screen characters viewing the film as a present-day download. One of these voices is Keith himself and he was thrilled at the prospect of handing over to director Jim Hickey to complete the task of helping his film find an audience.

In making THE DOWNLOAD HORROR we have tried to be fair to the original SACRIFICED film, so the audience can enjoy whatever pleasures it offers and hopefully a balance has been struck between this and giving the two guys free reign with their own brand of Scottish humour. The new film’s ultimate success with audiences will therefore depend on how successful their comedy is in enhancing the enjoyment of the original film.

The film has been supplied to them by “Big Al” - on whom they depend for a regular quota of gore and nudity - and as THE DOWNLOAD HORROR unfolds, we share their joy or dissatisfaction as they assess how much Big Al lives up to his reputation. 

So the two friends are unable to contain their excitement about what they are seeing, but are also quick to deliver snap judgements - praise as well as put-downs - about individual scenes and moments as they watch. They communicate their love of the horror genre while their own distinctive humour is unrestrained.

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