Monday, July 21, 2014

The Hunched Monkey: A Zombiefest Beginning by Eddie Jose Morales

On a warm cloudless summer day in the month of June just about three in the afternoon, a private jet was on its final descent into the Williamsburg-Jamestown airport in Virginia. Besides the pilot and co-pilot, on board were Dr. Jennifer Collins and Dr. Henry Baker returning from a three-month hot and dry African jungle adventure in the Congo Basin. Jennifer was a wildlife biologist and Henry a zoologist. They had been successful business partners for the past five years and as such were fascinated with the connection between the science of animals and the human anatomy.

Unfortunately, their research often involved animal malice and as such their experiments were constantly under investigation from organizations against animal cruelty. For this reason, they had decided to open up a Baker Labs facility in Africa in addition to the one in Virginia. This idea was initiated by Jennifer as she had learned during one of her peer conferences that Africa had distinct laws concerning experimenting with animals. As a result, the duo flew back and forth between the two continents not worrying about being persecuted by U.S. organizations or the American government.

As the plane landed, Jennifer thanked God that this portion of their journey had been blissfully nice in comparison to the previous flight, which took place about three hours ago. Earlier, they had flown into Miami International airport on a commercial jumbo jet from Johannesburg, Africa. The overseas flight had been uneventful until they approached the continental which time heavy turbulence occurred and the plane had to dodge powerful thunderstorms carrying dangerous lightning. Jennifer recalled how the plane shook and the cabin lights flickered as she clenched her teeth and held on to the armrests with her sweaty palms.

As soon as the plane came to a complete stop, Jennifer breaks out of her daydream and looks at Henry who was sitting across from her. “So what makes you think that the cargo inspectors did as you instructed them to do back in Miami?”

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