Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest House of the Dead

Hello, horror fans, and readers of Blood Moon Rising.  John Condenzio is a brilliant, one of a kind horror novel writer; a horror writer whose work has been a great attraction for Hollywood reporters, Warner Brothers & Paramount for film production.

  The movie is titled Guest House of the Dead (as you probably could tell from the header on this article) and is being produced by an independent studio, which was founded by Yeena Fisher, who is also a noted Hollywood actress and television personality, who has starred in several films and currently is running a T.V. show called Hollywood Boulevard, in which she interviews people on the streets of L.A.

     Guest House of the Dead will hopefully be in production soon. The film is based on a script I wrote that is a loose adaptation of the classic horror tale "Carmilla," by Le Fanu. To give a little background, here is the studio's intro on the site, and the review of my script, which was sent out to potential investors, (without whose support nothing much can get done):

    Our company Filmslargerthanlife LLC is built on compelling real-life experiences, dreams, visions, and nightmares of life. Our vision is to bring dreams, & stories of all human lives - rich or poor, black or white in an astounding artistic manner through multimedia in an uncompromising finesse of artistic presentation. Our hallmark: the transformation of thoughts & innovative ideas. We now present our brilliant thoughts & ideas of unsullied & unconventional minds far beyond from mediocrity & hypocrisy. We pledge to remain honest to our beliefs, commitment & to deliver nothing but The BEST through multimedia.

    His most interesting work is the more recent adaptation of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's "Guest House of the Dead," a classic vampirism published in the nineteenth century. The author is brilliant! The scenario of "Guest House of the Dead" takes the idea of the new original: evil is seductive. This story is darkly gothic and sexual. "Guest House of the Dead" involves the seduction of a young girl, alone and innocent, named Laura. She lives with her widowed father in an ancient manor and isolated. His life is set as the Austrian countryside tradition in the early nineteenth century.

   The promotional poster is already out, and the trailer for the film is currently under construction.

    Yeena and FilmsLargerThanLife also hope to produce a film based on my published horror novel The Shadow of the Succubus. Here is their promotional synopsis for it too:

    The Shadow of the Succubus concerns a young writer from New York who travels to Vermont to work on a new book; he stays at the Infinity Inn, a century-old establishment that is haunted by several spirits from the prohibition era; one is the ghost of a woman who's known as "the specter of Rebecca Green"-and who revels in seducing men into the dark side, and then to their destruction. This leads him to a horror-filled experience that threatens his sanity and then his life.

    Even the production of an "indie film" is no easy endeavor, but with hard work, passion and dedication these films will come out as masterpiece and movies will be released worldwide.  Yeena Fisher & Filmslargerthanlife LLC dreams will not be able to come to life without your support.  Please check out & and reach us at &

Author John Condenzio has two e-books now available from His classic "Shadow of The Succubus" and a brand new kids Halloween book called "Cocoa The Witch Cat." Order your copies today.

Article also published at: Blood Moon Rising Magazine

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